Bandy Button , presents his opening collection that will be released
on january 20,2017 : `los angeles in 70`S`.

Bandy Button is a French brand

Created in 2005 by Jessica Ben- Ami, previously creative director of the jewelry brand Shamaz Jewels ( sold at the Galeries Lafayette, Brand Bazar..), addicted to kids fashion since her two main sources of inspiration April and Joey were born. Jessica started by creating hand made pieces of clothing for her children and her friends ones but soon she was overwhelmed. Thanks to Her entrepreneur husband, they decided to create a "real collection". The essence of Bandy Button is to create "cool" clothes in which kids will feel comfortable to play and discover the world of freedom. We use only high quality fabrics, comfortable, made to last and pass from a brother to another. We hope these clothes will soon become their favourite ones. The prints and illustrations are all hand made. Here is the opening capsule collection based on Los Angeles in the 70's, in a relaxed atmosphere filled with roller skates, skate boards, shorts, overalls and Teddy jackets.. we hope this capsule collection will make you want to discover more and this way to grow together.


Phone: (0033)